ANY property in ANY condition,
we guarantee we will make an offer

Properties We Buy

Here are some examples below

  • Inherited property – may be in an unmortgageable condition or you simply want to release the money quickly-we will buy it
  • Repossession / financial problems – You are not alone, finding yourself in this unfortunate situation is all to common, at least selling to us we can free up any equity you may have and settle your financial obligations, effectively wiping your slate clean for a fresh start.
  • Divorce / separation – Fastest way to settle the financial side and move on
  • Short lease – un-mortgageable due to lease on property – we will buy it
  • Just to avoid expensive estate agent and solicitor fees and lengthy time on the open market- we will buy it

As you see the reasons are endless but for whatever reason you need to sell, Swift buy could be the solution.

Specialist Property we would buy

You may think that the type of properties below, would be of no interest to anyone, but here at Swift Buy we will even make you an offer on these. Due to the condition they maybe deemed un-mortgageable, so could be awkward to sell, leading to a lengthy stay on the open market. Costing you ££££££s
Houses we buy

Dated property needing modernisation

Again another common property we will buy, perhaps an inherited property that will cost you too much time and ££££££ to organise builders / tradesmen to modernise to current market spec. No Need to worry though here at Swift buy, due to our close working relationship with a home renovation company, these type of properties are our speciality, we can make you a cash offer on any properties like this, you get to walk away counting your money, completely stress free and leave the rest to us.