Guaranteed cash offer within 24 hours

Swift Buy Properties

Swift Buy Properties are a cash house buyer operating in the West Midlands, which means we use our own cash to purchase your property, there’s no waiting for funds to be released by banks or investors deciding whether to invest or not.

This freedom allows us to make an immediate decision within 24hrs and move swiftly on with the purchase.

When it comes to choosing which cash house buyer to use, the answer is simple “us” we can offer you the best deal at 85-90% of the true market value of your property, you may think this is underselling your property but in reality its very comparable to what you would receive after a sale through an Estate agents. On Average a house takes just over 9 weeks to sell, in those 9 weeks you still have to pay:

  • Council tax
  • Gas / electric utility bills
  • Mortgage
  • Maintenance / repair costs
  • Then on completion you will pay Expensive estate agents fees &
    Costly solicitor fees

When all added up this will amount to thousands.

Selling to us means there are no Estate agent fees, as we also pay all your legal costs you receive the agreed amount with no hidden charges !!
This is why on balance its a very comparable deal but with less stress for you and a faster outcome.